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  • Ruwayda Mustafah

    Ruwayda Mustafah

    British-Kurdish (Hewlêri). Interested in AI and election strategies, focused on political communication, advocacy and campaigning. PhD politics candidate. 🍃

  • Arin Keeble

    Arin Keeble

    Dr. Arin Keeble is Lecturer in Contemporary Literature and Culture at Edinburgh Napier University.

  • babulous


    it’s an odd world

  • Will Black

    Will Black

    Will is an anthropologist, journalist and former clinician. He is the author or Veneer of Civilisation, Psychopathic Cultures and Beyond the End of the World

  • J.C. Scull

    J.C. Scull

    I write about culture, international trade, and history. Taught international business at two universities in Beijing, China. https://hubpages.com/@jcscull

  • Iain Houston

    Iain Houston

    Musician actively exploring the jazz tradition in the 21st century. Ex-programmer fascinated by open source software of the 21st century.

  • Krishn Veer Singh

    Krishn Veer Singh

    SEO | Blogger at Buddy4Study.com Follow me on linkedin.com/in/ikrishnveer & Quora Partner quora.com/profile/Krishn-Veer-Singh-1

  • Frank Parker

    Frank Parker

    Frank is a retired Engineer from England now living in Ireland. He is trying to learn and share the lessons of history.

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